Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beer and Cupcakes in the Rain

SO! The last few weeks have been insane! The Toronto Session Craft Beer Festival was this past weekend and it was The Sassy Lamb's first time participating in a festival. The lead up to all this was pretty intense. Besides the literal THOUSANDS of cupcakes I had to bake, there was also icing, equipment, signage, staff, uniforms, transportation, the list goes on. But I somehow managed to get it all together with the help of SO many people. So first off, thank you all so much, my friends, family, the Griffin staff. You all supported me in big and little ways and I love you all for it!

Not only did I have the festival on Saturday, but I also had a friend's wedding on Friday night. So i found myself on a beach in Elmvale many miles from Toronto (on the G20 weekend) the night before one of the biggest nights in my career so when I did get home, I stayed up into the wee hours putting the final touches on the uniforms I had designed for my staff. And I have to toot my own horn a little, because my girls looked so darn cute! Here we are after setting up in the rain (grrrr). Nevertheless, spirits were high, how could they not be with Julia and Susie by my side!

We had 3 special cuppies on the menu at the beer festival and they were all paired with different beer. Blondes, Porters, Wheats, Nut Browns, Auburn Ales....mmmmmm.

Whoa, getting off track. So here's the menu! I think the beer cakes were the biggest hit, no surprise, it was a beer festival after all. But the other 2 got pretty good attention too, particularly the vegan one. I swear, if crack didn't exist, there would be people doing tricks in the street for peanut butter sandwiches. No matter the audience I just can't go wrong with peanut butter icing.

Oh also, thanks to Mill Street for supplying the beer for the beer cakes! I am a Mill St. Superfan!

We sort of turned into weird cupcake voyeurs throughout the course of the festival. We just loved watching people have that first taste of each of the cupcakes. And it was great to watch them come back for seconds and thirds and even 7ths! Here's a shot of my best customers.

Unfortunately, the attendance was a bit lower then expected due to the rain and the lighting on fire of Yonge street and all so I have JUST a FEW cupcakes stored up in my freezer :)

But such a fun time and I can't wait until August to do it all over again at the Muskoka Beer Festival. Get your tickets!!!

Few more photos from the event are here.

Till next time!

PS - my next entry might be x-rated (that's what he said), so if you're easily offended, you might want to skip over the next blog.

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  1. Yay for you!! Congrats on the success of this HUGE project! And you've got me all curious...can't wait for the x-rated blog.