Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whoa, that's a lot of cupcakes!

In three weeks I will hopefully have baked 3,000 mini cupcakes (WHAT??) for the first annual Toronto Craft Beer Festival. The event is being held at Sunnyside Pavilion on the west end of the lakeshore and there will be 22 craft breweries in attendance. It's being hosted by a great little pub in my hometown of Bracebridge (Muskoka for all those tourists) called The Griffin Gastropub.

The Sassy Lamb will be the only dessert vendor at the festival so I'm preparing 3 different cupcakes. The first will be the cupcake I entered in the Iron Cupcake competition in March that's made with Mill St. Brewery's Coffee Porter. And Mill St. has offered to donate the beer!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!

Here is a photo from the Iron Cupcake to jog your memory...

The second will be a gluten free vanilla cupcake with a possible cream cheese icing...still deciding on that. And they will look something like this...but unlikely I will be able to afford a whiskey soaked cherry to top each one :(

And the third will be a chocolate vegan cupcake which I hope to top with the crowd favourite, peanut butter icing. They will look something like this.

I'm really excited about being at this event. I also have regular mini-heart attacks to accompany my mini cupcakes when I think of the sheer volume of ingredients, space and sanity that I'm going to need to pull the whole thing off. Thank god my two great friends, Julia and Susie, have volunteered their day to help me sell cupcakes. I think it's gonna be a super fun day.

And of course, we'll be needing some cute and sassy uniforms for the occasion! I picked up some fabric the other day on Queen West and my mind is swirling with designs for our aprons. These colours are perfect! They are a perfect mix of my website and my twitter site! Mmmmm, branding...feels almost as good as a cupcake in your tummy.

And it's gonna be a hot sunny day, fingers crossed, so we'll also be needing to protect our little noggins. No, they won't be knit, You'll just have to come to the festival to see us all decked out sassy lamb style!

So if you love beer, live music, sun and cupcakes, then get yourself to Toronto on June 26th. You can buy tickets here. Heck, you better buy one for 10 of your closest friends while you're at it!

Hope to see you there!!

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  1. You are amazing and I have such absolute confidence in you pulling this off with complete success (and a lot of swearing)!!!!! Not only are you surviving the insanity of preparing to bake THREE THOUSAND cupcakes, but in the midst of this crazy challenge you are planning cute, matching aprons. I think that is totally insane. (By the way...when I typed "three thousand", I couldn't believe it was true and I had to scroll up to double check that I got that number right because it is so unbelievable!!)