Monday, May 9, 2011

Party Outfitting

Clearly you are aware that The Sassy Lamb is a baking MACHINE and that I knit up a storm when I'm not covered in flour and icing sugar but what you might not know is that The Sassy Lamb also specializes in a service called "Party Outfitting". Basically what this involves is taking your party to the next level, aesthetically.

A few years back, I outfitted a baby bird themed baby shower for a mother-to-be. She was having a girl and had already decided to name her Stella. I went about my usual plans for cupcakes and punch but this time I was taking it a little further. And here were the results...

I can't take credit for the design of these cupcakes as this idea was borrowed from the incredible Martha Stewart. And didn't they turn out adorable?

Each guest had a personalized baby bird wine charm waiting for them when they arrived. The punch was sparkling grape so even the mother-to-be could partake.

After much punch, presents and oooohs and ahhhs, the guests were sent home with a tiny token of appreciation....a bottle of beer bearing the new baby's namesake and a thank you card with her name on it.

Having your next party outfitted by The Sassy Lamb is a great way to impress your guests and give them that little something more and make your parties the talk of the town.

We're happy to take your theme and go crazy with the party plans and we welcome any ideas you'd like brought to life at your party.

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Till next time!

The Sassy Lamb