Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mmmm Mustaches

It's getting chilly outside. Everyone's piling on the layers, hunting out their big, furry boots and donning pom poms on knit toques.

These days, the men in our lives have taken to patiently growing little (and some not so little) moo-staches on their upper lip in support of prostate cancer. Check out this fancy stache! My fiancee, apparently turned porn-star, circa 2004.

Now, we ladies certainly don't want to sport even one hair on our upper lip and that is why I propose a more delicious way to raise money for prostate cancer.

From now until the end of "Movember", The Sassy Lamb will donate 25% of mustache cookie sales to Movember. We will also be accepting donations without the purchase of cookies...although I don't know why you would torture yourself so!

Happy fundraising cupcake lovers! Click to donate!