Thursday, March 31, 2011

A hole-in-one!

Bogey? Birdie? Bullarding?

If you think I might have indulged in one rum ball too many, you're probably not alone. But you don't need to know a thing about golf to enjoy The Sassy Lamb's golf offerings.

Try our "broken-down golf cart" cupcakes: Amaretto cupcakes with a melon/lime buttercream icing. Put in your order now to have them for the Masters!

Golf Pops!

Just in time for the Masters...
You'll score a hole-in-one when you serve up a platter of golf green cake pops. Feature flavour: Chocolate Raspberry. Order now and have them for the Masters! What better way to honour the game?

Hand Knits

Start 'em young...
Cutest on your little ones, this little golfer is sporting a cotton knit vest perfect for a day out on the greens. On sale from now until April 10th for just $49. Another great idea: Knitted Golf Club Covers!

It's not too late to put in an order for Masters cupcakes or cake pops!

~ The Sassy Lamb