Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hoo Hoo wants baby owl cake pops?

I thought today that maybe I should change my blog to "The Naughty Blogger" instead of "The Sassy Lamb". It's been hard keeping up with hoo, right? I do a lot of blogging in my head, like 'ooh, this will make a good blog'. I write it all out in my head, take pictures in my head, imagine the comments people will make and the enjoyment that will ensue but then I never login and make it happen like I intend. I do it on facebook too! Anyone else write their FB status in their head but then never type it out for everyone to read?? I know I'm not the only one!

Anywho, today I am blogging and that is better then going one more day with no blog, right?

I recently made the cutest little owls pops for one of my favourite clients, Genya Fox. She runs her own jewellry company called GFox Gems and her work is beautiful. I am going to buy a pendant from her. Maybe as a "present to the boss" this Christmas.

I thought I had met Genya and her partner Milli through a mutual friend but I recently found out that Genya found me all on her own "because she loves cupcakes" as she put it. These kind of serendipitous meetings and discoveries have been happening to me a lot lately. I take it as a sign that I am in just the place I should be right now....spreading baby snowy owl cake pop happiness!

Every time I make a new pop design I of course have to make plenty of extras so as to get the design and recipe just right. Speaking of recipes, these were my first gluten-free pops and they were SO. DAMN. TASTY. So I had a nice selection of leftovers to share with my girlfriends last Friday night. It's hard to take first bite of the teeny owl noggin when he's looking at you with those wide owl eyes....

Sometimes it's nessacary to kiss your pop goodbye before you bite his cute little head off. But, after the first bite it gets easier, trust me.

I'm excited for all the Christmas pops that are stored up in my head. And now all you gluten-free pop lovers can dry your tears and lick your lips cause these pops are now yours for the eating!

The Sassy Lamb