Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love...not just for brides and grooms

So my good friend Sheila called me this week for gift ideas for her friend Lisa who is getting married this Summer. Sheila is Lisa's maid of honour which has been hard on Sheila since she's in Halifax this year going to school. Sheila's missing a lot of events around Lisa's wedding, namely this bridal shower. So we brainstormed some whacky ideas like a singing cowboy or a stripping telegram but with time NOT on our side we decided I would whip up a batch of cupcake pops with a bridal theme.

I researched it for a while and came up with these darling little dears. These grooms are so cute, I just want to marry them!! I know, lame joke. But I am queen of lame jokes and corny puns! Take me or leave me!

The delivery of these happy little couples was fun. I rented a zipcar and zipped out to Pickering. And zip I did!! I got a silver Toyota Matrix and boy was it quick! I was deeking in and out all over the place, gave a few slow pokes the iron fist and cranked up some MJ, that is until I reached the DVP and was forced to a halt. Is it just me or was that highway very badly planned? Anywho, it didn't dampen my spirits and the newlyweds made it to their destination in good order. I just hope the bride-to-be opened them quick and didn't leave the poor buggers in the sun. And I hope somebody makes good use of the coupons I left inside!

So, anyway! This all leads me to conclude that it's hard to away from the ones you love. I miss my little half midget kitten as I like to call her...that's a long story.... And I miss my Britty. She's moved even further east to Korea to be with her lover and it's separated our little pack of chiquititas which leaves a little hole in my heart. I even miss Jenn who lives only 10 minutes east of my house but has been working her hot little ass off to write the LSAT on Monday. I know there are 4 million other girls out there that compare themselves to the Sex and the City foursome....well dammit! Count us as 4 million and four!

And remember, you don't need a cute little groom to be in love!

Big said it best: "You're the loves of her life, and a guy would be lucky to come in fourth."

Here's a pic of the four of us modeling our bags that our dear friend Alison made for us. We'll all be together again soon ladies!! xo xo xo xo - a hug and a kiss for each of you.

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  1. Oh Doobsy!!! You've got me all choked up. Love you!!

    Oh - and the mini bride and grooms look amazing!! Great job sassy lady.